Time Map Simple (Isochrones)


This tool creates isochrones, also known as travel time polygons or catchment areas. It visualises all the locations that are reachable within a time limit based on selected parameters including transport mode & departure/arrival time.

Only the key parameter fields are configurable. The more complex parameter fields (available in the Advanced tool) take standard, sensible values.


Parameter Description Data Type
Locations The point layer to be used as the departure / arrival locations Picklist
Travel Mode Method of transport Picklist
Time Zone Time zone Picklist
Departing / Arriving Whether the calculated area will be for journeys departing or arriving at the chosen locations Picklist
Departing / Arriving Time The departure or arrival time. This will get updated as per the time zone selected. Calendar Format - dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm
Travel time The maximum journey time (in minutes) Text
Result aggregation 1. NORMAL - returns a reachable polygon for each location
2. UNION - returns the union of the reachable polygons
3. INTERSECTION - returns the intersection of the reachable polygons
Output Layer Where to save the output layer – NB must be saved into the project Geodatabase Folder connection