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API functionality

The Isochrone API creates reachable areas based on a maximum travel time. These reachable shapes are sometimes called catchment areas or trade areas, and can be a single polygon or a multi-polygon.

The API supports a range of transport modes including Driving, Public Transport, Walking, and Cycling.

API access

The Isochrone API is a RESTful API, using HTTP requests for access.

Access URL -
Supports two HTTP request types:
  • GET - for simple requests using basic parameters only
  • POST - for more complex requests using advanced parameters

If you already have a TravelTime account then log in to retrieve your access credentials. If you don't have an account, you can sign up for free here.

Getting Started

Supported SDKs

The Isochrone API is accessible through any of our supported TravelTime SDKs:

Usage limits

The following usage limits apply to the Isochrone API:


Maximum 60 isochrones per minute

*Higher concurrency limits available on Enterprise plans.
Travel Time

Maximum 4 hours

*Limited to 2 hours on Free and PAYG plans.

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