Time Filter Simple (Travel Time & Distance Matrix)


This tool filters out which locations fall inside and outside of a travel time catchment area and groups them. It then calculates travel times from an origin to many destinations. It is possible to use this to create a travel time or distance matrix.

Only the key parameter fields are configurable. The more complex parameter fields (available in the Advanced tool) take standard, sensible values.


Parameter Description Data Type
Departure Locations The point layer to be used as the departure locations Picklist
Travel Mode Method of transport Picklist
Time Zone Time zone Picklist
Departing / Arriving Whether the chosen time will be for departing or arriving (see below) Picklist
Departing / Arriving Time The departure or arrival time. This will get updated as per the time zone selected. Calendar Format - dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm
Travel time The maximum journey time (in minutes) Text
Arrival Locations The point layer to be used as the arrival locations Picklist
Output Layer Where to save the output layer – NB must be saved into the project Geodatabase Folder connection

Departing vs Arriving

An ‘Arriving’ search filters the Departure Locations – “*where can I set off from to reach my destination by a certain time?*”

A ‘Departing’ search filters the Arrival Locations – “*where can I get to by leaving my origin at a certain time?*”

Things to note

If using a multi-point layer in the Locations field (i.e multiple origins from which to run the filter), the tool will mark a point from the ‘Points to Filter’ layer as reachable if it is reachable from any of the origins; it does not need to be reachable from all of the origins.