Quick Route

Quick Route


This tool calculates and plots the fastest route between two points, by the chosen method of transport. It returns complete multi-modal turn-by-turn directions.

Using the tool

Select the tool by clicking on it, then open the dialogue box under the dropdown arrow. Fill in the parameters, then either:

  1. Enter the addresses of the origin and destination, and click ‘Run’
  2. Enter the lat-long coordinates of the origin and destination, and click ‘Run’
  3. Click on the map canvas once to set the origin, and then again to set the destination

A new layer will be added to the project with the time. This layer is a ‘temporary layer’. If you need to save it, right click on it in the legend, and choose ‘Make permanent’.


Parameter Description Data Type
Transport Mode Method of transport Picklist
Time Zone Time zone Picklist
Departure / Arrival Searches Whether the chosen time is a departure or arrival time Picklist
Departure / Arrival Time The departure or arrival time. This will get updated as per the time zone selected. Calendar Format - dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm
Destination (Address) Text address of the arrival location Text
Origin (Lat-Long) Coordinates of the departure location Text
Destination (Lat-Long) Coordinates of the arrival location Text