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Overviewanchor icon

This documentation covers all features of the TravelTime macros in Alteryx.

Macros Overviewanchor icon

There are five macros that each connect to a specific endpoint of the TravelTime API. These cover:

  • Geocoder (and Reverse Geocoder)
  • Isochrones
  • Travel Time Matrix
  • Reachable Points Filter
  • Routes

Functionality Overviewanchor icon

Each macro can be used as a standalone tool simply by dragging it onto the canvas, or multiple macros can be chained together to enhance their capabilities and start solving complex geospatial business problems.

Whenever adding a new macro to a workflow, simply enter your API credentials, configure the parameters however you like, and run the workflow.

Cachinganchor icon

There are no restrictions on caching when using the TravelTime macros

Using the cache functionality in Alteryx can speed up processing times and prevent excessive API requests, particularly when building workflows

To do this, simply right click the tool you want to cache from, and select Cache and Run Workflow - (this only works on tools with one output anchor, but to get around this, just add a blank Select tool wherever you would like to cache from)