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Routes API Use Casesanchor icon

What is a route?anchor icon

The Routes API returns turn-by-turn routing information between an origin and a destination.

Practical applicationsanchor icon

Online routinganchor icon

Help app users navigate between point A and B by delivering routing information to the user.

Online routing

Featuresanchor icon

Request multiple routesanchor icon

Return multiple options for travelling between point A and B and give users the opportunity to select the best route.

Request multiple routes

Multi-modal routinganchor icon

Combine two modes together. For example, driving and ferry, or cycling and ferry as well as cycling or public transport.

Multi-modal routing

Customisable parametersanchor icon

Adjust the amount of time you user will spend walking between transport modes, time spent parking the car or time needed to board a method of public transportation.

Request multiple routes