ArcGIS Requirements

The plugin requires ArcGIS Pro version 2.4 or higher.


The plugin can be installed here. Once installed, the toolbar will be visible in ArcGIS Pro.


After installation, the toolbar will show a splash screen. You can prevent it from showing again by checking the ‘Don’t show again’ checkbox.

API Access

The plugin provides access to the TravelTime API, and therefore requires an API key.

To get a free key, click the ‘Show Settings’ icon in the TravelTime toolbar, then select ‘Get a free API key’. Alternatively sign up for an ArcGIS TravelTime account here.

Api access

API Limit

The free API key is for testing purposes only and is valid for 2 weeks from the point of first use. It is limited to 10 requests per day. If you exceed this limit, you will receive an error like below:

Api limit

To enquire about licensing a full API key for commercial purposes, please contact us at