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Usage Limitsanchor icon

Depending on which plan you are on, and the endpoint you are using, there are various limits that apply when using the API.

Details of these limits are listed below.

Hits Per Minute (HPM)anchor icon

Hits per Minute (HPM) limit determines how quickly you can make requests to the API.

Once this limit has been reached, any further requests will result in a HTTP 429 Too Many Requests response from the API. The limit will then reset in the subsequent minute, but unsuccessful requests will not be queued or automatically retried.

The maximum HPM for each plan is detailed in the table below.

Free Restricted5

A hit is defined as any of:

  • 1 Isochrone
  • 1 Route
  • 1 Matrix (using the Time Filter endpoint) of maximum size 1 x 2,000

Please note - if you are on a legacy plan (before 19/01/2023), then please get in touch at for details of your concurrency limits.

Matrix Sizeanchor icon

This limit applies to the Travel Time Matrix, Travel Time Matrix (Fast), and Travel Time Matrix (Protobuf) endpoints.

The maximum matrix size that can be included in a single request is detailed by endpoint below.

EndpointMatrix Size
Travel Time Matrix10 x 2,000
Travel Time Matrix (Fast)10 x 100,000
Travel Time Matrix (Protobuf)1 x 200,000

Travel Timeanchor icon

The maximum travel time by endpoint is detailed in the table below.

EndpointTravel Time (hours)
Travel Time Matrix4
Travel Time Matrix (Fast)3
Travel Time Matrix (Protobuf)2

Level of Detailanchor icon

This limit only applies to the Isochrone (Time Map) endpoint.

It determines what values are permissible for the level_of_detail parameter, and applies both to the simple type (lowest to highest) and the simple_numeric type (-20 to 2).

The maximum level of detail by plan is detailed in the table below.

PlanLevel of detail
TrialMedium (0)
UnlimitedMedium (0)
Free RestrictedMedium (0)
CustomHighest (2)