Route Simple


This tool calculates and plots the fastest route between points, by the chosen method of transport. It returns complete multi-modal turn-by-turn directions.

Only the key parameter fields are configurable. The more complex parameter fields (available in the Advanced tool) take standard, sensible values.


Parameter Description Data Type
Departure Locations The point layer of departure locations Picklist
Travel Mode Method of transport Picklist
Time Zone Time zone Picklist
Departing / Arriving Whether the chosen time will be a departure or arrival time Picklist
Departing / Arriving Time The departure or arrival time. This will get updated as per the time zone selected. Calendar Format - dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm
Arrival Locations The point layer of arrival locations Picklist
Output Style 1. By travel time - returns one linestring per end-to-end route, colour-coded by total journey time
2. By transport type - returns one linestring per route segment, colour-coded by method of transport
3. By journey – returns one linestring per end-to-end route
Output Layer Where to save the output layer – NB must be saved into the project Geodatabase Folder connection

Things to note

The information generated in the Attribute Table differs based on the ‘Output Style’ selected:

  1. By transport type – generates detailed turn-by-turn directions, with one line for each leg of each route

  2. By travel time / By journey – generates a summarized output, with one line per end-to-end route