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Postman Collectionanchor icon

Postman is a platform for building and using APIs. Follow this guide to quickly test TravelTime API endpoints with all requests pre-defined in a Postman Collection. All you will need to setup is input your API keys into Postman environment variables. If you don’t already have a TravelTime API key, then you can get a free key by creating an account here.

Prerequisitesanchor icon


TravelTime Account

Getting Startedanchor icon

To get started fork the Collection from TravelTime public Workspace within Postman:

Fork Collection Form

Enter a name for your fork and select the workspace where it will be created:

Fork Collection

You can also fork the environment template from the TravelTime Developers Workspace:

Environment variable template

Set your API keyanchor icon

To run requests you’ll need to supply your TravelTime API id and key and set them as your environment variables within your workspace. If you forked the TravelTime Environment, you just need to edit what you already have.

To set any environment variable, create a new environment within Postman:

Create environment

Add your authentication details as app_id and app_key to the environment and save:

Edit environment

Set the environment to active:

Set environment active

Now within the collection set it to use the environment created:

Set environment active

If your environment is set up correctly, you should be able to set your authentication Type as API Key and set variable app_id as Key and app_key as Value, set Add to Header:

Api key

Be sure to save every time you make changes to the Collection.

Send and edit requestsanchor icon

Request Headers and Body are already defined in the Collection, all you need to do to send a request is pick one of our GET or POST requests and click Send. You are free to edit the Body of the request based on your needs.

Api key

In the requests you will see variables departure_time and arrival_time, these are set so you do not need to set current time yourself and get started quicker.

These variables can be edited in the Collections Pre-request Scripts or can be replaced, please input time in extended ISO-8601 format with correct time zone, example: `YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ`

Api key