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Travel Time Matrix API Use Casesanchor icon

What is a travel time matrix?anchor icon

A travel time matrix calculates travel times between many origins and many destinations.

It’s our alternative to the other Distance Matrix APIs on the market, which calculate distances between many origins and many destinations.

Practical applicationsanchor icon

Search filtering UXanchor icon

Your users can select their desired search location as well as their preferred transport mode and maximum journey time.

Search filtering UX

Search result filtering back endanchor icon

Remove any unreachable location-based search results that don’t fall within a travel time limit.

Search result filtering back end

Search results listing UXanchor icon

Speed up user decision making by displaying travel times to every search result in a list view. Users can quickly compare, qualify and dismiss results.

Search results listing UX

Search relevance modellinganchor icon

Drive conversions by ranking the most relevant results at the top of the page. Use feature engineering to balance TravelTime Search with other important features. Build a results page that prioritises what users need the most.

Search relevance modelling

Employee commute analysisanchor icon

Select the best location for a new office by calculating and comparing thousands of employee commute times. Commute cost analysis available for public transport in the UK.

Employee commute analysis

Featuresanchor icon

Calculate travel times from one origin to multiple destinations (or vice versa)anchor icon

Calculate up to 2,000 travel times in a single request. For larger requests, try out the Travel Time Matrix Fast endpoint instead.

Calculate travel times from one origin to multiple destinations

Multiple origins x multiple destinationsanchor icon

Combine multiple Travel Time Matrix API search requests to get a travel time matrix grid.

Multiple origins x multiple destinations