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Installationanchor icon

Alteryx Requirementsanchor icon

The macros require Alteryx version 2018.1 or higher.

Installanchor icon

The macros can be downloaded from the Alteryx Gallery here

API Accessanchor icon

How much you are able to use the macros depends on what API plan you are on, and how many hits can be used per minute on your plan. If you go above your limit you will receive errors and your analysis will be incomplete.

To find out what plan you are currently on, you can log in to your TravelTime account here. You can also upgrade your plan from your account dashboard.

Sample Workflowsanchor icon

You can download a number of sample workflows to get you started. These demonstrate each of the macros being used.

A folder containing the workflows can be downloaded here.

Copy the downloaded folder, and its contents, to the following location AppData\Roaming\Alteryx\Samples\en - searching your computer for “Alteryx” is a simple way to locate this

Restart Alteryx and these example workflows will appear in the sample workflows area (Help > Sample Workflows > TravelTime)

(If you are unable to locate the Samples folder on your computer, the sample workflows can be opened directly into Alteryx)