Getting Started

Downloading the QGIS Plugin

The TravelTime plugin for QGIS includes:

  • Isochrones
  • A to B routing
  • Journey time matrices
  • Geocoding

The plugin can be installed from within QGIS using the Plugin Manager – just search for TravelTime.

To get started straight away with a free API key, please enter your email below.

This key is for non-commercial testing purposes only. Talk to us to upgrade.

Your free trial will last for two weeks from when you first run one of the tools, and is capped to 10 requests/day (excluding Geocoder requests).

Download QGIS

QGIS is a free open source mapping software that can be downloaded and used as an application on your desktop. Download QGIS.

Download the plugin

The plugin gives access to the TravelTime toolbar. This toolbar gives special functionality to draw travel time shapes and more. Download plugin.

To purchase a paid commercial licence please contact us.

If you would like to continue using the plugin after the end of your trial for non-commercial purposes, please contact us at

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