Alteryx spatial analytics with TravelTime Macros

The TravelTime macros for Alteryx include:

  • Geocoder - convert lat/long coordinates into addresses & vice versa.
  • Isochrones - create a shape file displaying all locations reachable within a time limit.
  • Reachable Points Filter - identify which points of interest are within a travel time catchment area & get the journey times to each point.
  • Routes - A to B, turn-by-turn directions.
  • Travel Time Matrix - add travel times to a distance matrix.

The macros can be downloaded from the Alteryx gallery here

Getting started

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Free limits

Your free trial will last for two weeks from when you first run one of the macros, and is capped to 10 requests per day (excluding Geocoder requests). For details of how to purchase a paid commercial licence please visit here.